AHCSMRE Boxing Reflex Ball Fitness Kit, Head Band Punch Gloves Great for Boxing Eye Training Reactions Speed Faster Reflexes




Want to strengthen your boxing skills?
Want to improve your coordination, focus and speed?
Want to stay in shape, or stay fat?
Here what you need – Boxing Reflex Ball! A zaj holdings! An adult equipment for training at home

1.Wear the headband on your head properly.
2.Cut the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length.
3.Tie up the string length.
4.The extra string can be reserved for your further use .

Training Method:
1.Hit the ball form the left lower inclined side first and then switch to the other side.
Keep it going and repeat. If you feel too difficult, please wear the gloves to hit it.
2.When you are familiar with the inculined side ,you can try the parallel side to hit the ball gradually.

Colour: Red
Materials: PUF

Package included:
1* Moisture wicking head band
1* Boxing reflex ball
1* Elastic string
1* Boxing gloves
1* Instruction manual

If any problems with product or service in the next days,
Please free to contact us, we will reply within 12hours included the weekend.

PS:You can also watch an interesting video about it on YouTube “Fight Ball Modern Shadow Boxing”.

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