Gdaytao Boxing Reflex Ball, Boxing Equipment with Headband, 2 Training Speed Levels, Great Fight Trainer on String, Perfect Improving Speed Reactions, Agility, Punching Speed Hand Eye Coordination




✅Why choose Gdaytao?

👉First, most people choose the Gdaytao brand. We sell thousands of boxing balls every year in the worldwide, and Gdaytaoboxing ball is popular among most people.

👉Second, Gdaytao continuously researches on new products. This product comes with an innovative boxing headband that solves the rope entanglement that is unique to this type of product during boxing training.

After a long period of experimental research, we found that whether it is foam ball or tennis ball, the headband without rotating buckle will make the rope entangle and shrink during the movement of the ball, which will continuously reduce the efficiency of boxing and injure the eyes, nose, face;

Gdaytao is currently a brand that offers solutions to all of the same product issues. Even if you only bought this headband, it is worth it.

👉Third, the product contains an 80g weight rubber ball that is heavier than the 20g foam ball and the 60g tennis ball. This means that the weight of the ball can help stabilize the direction of the ball during the movement. The direction and route of the boxer’s attack are more stable and accurate. This is why people prefer this heavier rubber ball.

It is the best choice for novices and PROS, and this product is very popular among them.


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1xBoxing Ball with Speed 1 String


1xSpeed 2 String

1xHook Tool

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